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Sponsorship + Pressure Relief Groups

This group format has the opportunity to request Sponsorship and connect with people to have outreach calls. Join us on the SSE zoom meeting to interact with members and make requests for Pressure Relief Groups and Sponsorship agreements.  Email bdasydney [@] gmail.com to find out more information.

Step Five Letter

Dear D.A. Sponsor,

The last action for Step 5 in the workbook is to write a thank you letter to the person who heard my Step 5. So here it is.

I really appreciate the time and compassion you gave me to support me through this important step. I felt secure and happy the next day, and I think it’s because I felt really heard and seen by you. You showed a lot of empathy with me with my relationship with my family members and that was very comforting and validating. 

I really appreciate that you are very laid back and you aren’t at ALL controlling. This gives me space to discern and explore what I am feeling and what God is saying to me and it helps me get to know and accept myself. It makes me feel connected to God and my own recovery. 

I really appreciate that you speak slowly, as I speak very fast and am often abrupt and I want to become calm and gentle. So you are modelling this to me, which is helpful.

I feel really safe with you. You haven’t made me feel condemned or criticised ever, not once. And I am very grateful God has given you to me as a sponsor. 

Thank you. D.A. Sponsee